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Title Publication Date
Adam Guettel and Craig Lucas strike again with 'Days of Wine and Roses' Classical Voice North America February 26, 2024
Sondheim Finished, Refinished, Unfinished Classical Voice North America December 15, 2023
Kander & Ebb Redux Classical Voice North America August 14, 2023
Round and round the square April 1, 2023
Drypoint to Technicolor December 9, 2022
When's Boxing Day again? December 4, 2021
The Sondheim File December 3, 2021
Sondheim's World Parnassus: Poetry in Review (Autumn 2009) December 3, 2021
From the Archives: Everything's Coming Up Sondheim Town & Country (May 2002) December 2, 2021
At the Met, "Fire Shut Up in My Bones"; in Brussels, "The Time Of Our Singing" Air Mail November 2, 2021
The fine print: everything else we heard on our last two episodes of "Catch of the Day" June 16, 2021
Ready for take-off: Randall Goosby June 11, 2021
April's last Catch: Brush up your Shakespeare May 1, 2021
Twist's double feature Air Mail February 3, 2021
Marta Eggerth and Jan Kiepura, "In Love and Song" Air Mail December 5, 2020
Bounty - A very lucky Catch of the Day December 1, 2020
Behind the soundtrack of "The Last Dalai Lama?" December 1, 2020
Trick or treat? Catch of the Day meets the Great Pumpkin November 10, 2020
Georgia on his mind Air Mail October 17, 2020
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame October 5, 2020
Complete Works - The Table Top Shakespeare At Home Air Mail September 26, 2020
Bruce Adolphe's Piano Puzzlers AIR MAIL/Arts Intel Report August 1, 2020
Stars of the Met, live from around the world AirMail, Arts Intel Report July 17, 2020
New bells and whistles at Catch of the Day June 28, 2020
How to stream "Catch of the Day," wherever in the world you are June 26, 2020
On Catch of the Day, a #BLM special June 12, 2020
Sondheim at 90 Arts Intel Report, AiR MAIL May 2, 2020
¡Habla conmigo! Creativity in conversation January 28, 2020
Catch as catch can (October 2019-January 2020) January 14, 2020
Previews of attractions, coming and gone January 12, 2020
MAPA version of 'The Nutcracker' provides glimpses of world peace Honolulu Star-Advertiser December 15, 2019
No shortage of musical Advent performances this holiday season Honolulu Star-Advertiser November 24, 2019
Casting call for Iao Theater's 'Matilda' draws girls far and wide Honolulu Star-Advertiser November 24, 2019
Twisty bromance takes center stage in noirish 'Strangers On a Train' Honolulu Star-Advertiser September 15, 2019
From the archives - Superstars gravitate to a super scriptwriter The New York Times (originally published May 30, 1999) August 12, 2019
Franco Zeffirelli June 15, 2019
Caught in January (Omega edition) January 30, 2019
Pre-Posthumous: Edward Gorey on the fringe January 9, 2019
Bull's-eye: Caleb Teicher lights up Crazy for You May 30, 2018
Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz, and his crystal ball May 24, 2018
New Perspectives Revivify Carousel And My Fair Lady Classical Voice North America May 4, 2018
The Easter Bunny says, "April Fool!" April 2, 2018
From the 12th century to the 21st January 5, 2018
Musical fantasies December 8, 2017
California Girls revisited November 30, 2017
All but the Hiddleston Hamlet November 12, 2017
Yayoi Kusama contemplates infinity August 29, 2017
From the Archives: Authentic Cook Town & Country August 12, 2017
And he called for his divas three June 9, 2017
To Trevor Noah at age 32 February 20, 2016
Wikipedia, do you read me? Tony Smith, The Fourth Sign December 18, 2013
Musical of the Masses Honolulu Star-Advertiser August 13, 2013
Cinephile's feast Honolulu Star-Advertiser June 16, 2013
Stars shine as bright as heavens on Maui Film Festival Honolulu Star-Advertiser June 14, 2013
His Ukulele Is On Fire Wall Street Journal May 10, 2013
Operatic Style Designed to Suit Your Living Room The New York Times February 4, 2010
Niagara's New Rivals - For a Time, Anyway The Wall Street Journal June 25, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
So Little Time, So Many Movies (The 14th Maui Film Festival, June 12-16, 2013) Blog June 19, 2013
Maui Film Festival, Day 5: Thumbs-up for hometown filmmaker ("Short Term 12") Blog June 17, 2013
Maui Film Festival, Day 4 (tribute): Jessica Chastain, superNova Blog June 15, 2013
Maui Film Festival, Day 4 (panels): Shorts, sea changes, & a farewell to heavyosity Blog June 14, 2013
Maui FIlm Festival, Day 3: Trouble in paradise ("Isolated," Joss Whedon's "Much Ado") Blog June 14, 2013
Maui FIlm Festival, Day 2: No man is an island Blog June 13, 2013
Maui FIlm Festival, Day 1: View from the top - An interview with director Barry Rivers Blog June 12, 2013
Maui Film Festival, Preview: And Let's Not Forget Blog June 11, 2013
Culture shock: Cue kudos for Qurrat Ann Kadwani Blog March 11, 2013
Les Miz in Reel Time Blog January 7, 2013
Lincoln Center at 50 - A Personal and Institutional History Blog July 24, 2009
Hollywood Confessional Blog January 24, 2009

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Woman In the Moonlight
by Patricia Morrisroe
August 3, 2020
The Trumpiad
by Evan Eisenberg/Drawings by Steve Brodner
November 16, 2018
Buster Keaton In His Own Time: What the Responses of 1920s Critics Reveal May 3, 2018
Senior Moments: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
by Willard Spiegelman
August 29, 2016

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