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Title Publication Date
¡Habla conmigo! Creativity in conversation January 28, 2020
Exhibit shows nature transformed by sophisticated ideas, craftsmanship Honolulu Star-Advertiser January 12, 2020
Tom Sewell's Secret Garden Honolulu Star-Advertiser December 8, 2019
New Jersey transplant adapts as carving materials change Honolulu Star-Advertiser November 3, 2019
New Maui exhibit showcases artists at their barricades Honolulu Star-Advertiser September 8, 2019
Live on tape, seven great maestros, a man who made waterfalls, and me July 3, 2019
Franco Zeffirelli June 15, 2019
Pre-Posthumous: Edward Gorey on the fringe January 9, 2019
Yayoi Kusama contemplates infinity August 29, 2017
From the Archive: On the Roads of the Riviera April 15, 2014
Wikipedia, do you read me? Tony Smith, The Fourth Sign December 18, 2013
An Architectural Fantasia on Islamic Motifs Wall Street Journal July 22, 2013
Flight Training: Building an Army of Billy Elliots The New York Times June 14, 2010
As Plain as the Nose on His Stage The New York Times February 24, 2010
Weegee's Day at the Beach Smithsonian Magazine June 2009
Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow Smithsonian Magazine March 2009
Matthew Gurewitsch on "Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow" February 27, 2009
The Divine Art of Tapestries December 23, 2008
From Castro to Warhol to Mother Teresa, He Photographed Them All Smithsonian Magazine December 2008
Matthew Gurewitsch on "Karsh Reality" Smithsonian Magazine December 2008
A Lost Legacy Belatedly Restored The Wall Street Journal July 2, 2008
True Colors Smithsonian Magazine July 2008
Matthew Gurewitsch on "True Colors" Smithsonian Magazine July 2008
El Greco, Velázquez and… The Wall Street Journal June 28, 2008
Niagara's New Rivals - For a Time, Anyway The Wall Street Journal June 25, 2008
Just Don't Call Them 'Fireworks' Wall Street Journal Europe February 22, 2008
On West 53rd Street, MoMA Has No Monopoly on Art The Wall Street Journal February 14, 2008
How Painters Undermined Weavers' Uncommon Artistry The Wall Street Journal December 13, 2007
Setting the Record Straight About Classical Statues' Hues The Wall Street Journal December 4, 2007
Reinventing the Science Museum The Wall Street Journal November 28, 2007
Appraising and Preserving a Master The Wall Street Journal October 25, 2007
Portugal's World Travelers The Wall Street Journal August 21, 2007
An Artist in Many Media Tackles 'The Magic Flute' The Wall Street Journal April 5, 2007
David Hockney and Friends Smithsonian Magazine August 2006
At This Art Exhibition, Dogs Are Hot The Wall Street Journal July 11, 2006
A Much-Scuffed Monument to Genius The New York Times May 20, 2001

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Dressing the Part - The Art of Power: Royal Armor and Portraits from Imperial Spain Blog June 19, 2009
Unsung: Sir John Tavener's "Towards Silence" receives its world premiere Blog April 24, 2009
Pixels Are Forever Blog February 11, 2009

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