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Matthew Gurewitsch
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Cover of When Stars Blow Out

When Stars Blow Out
A Fable of Fame in Our Time

by Matthew Gurewitsch
AuthorHouse, 2001. 243pp. $14.95
October 26, 2001

When Stars Blow Out spins a brisk fable of fame in our time. Chloe Pitt, the imperious editor-in-chief of the sizzling glossy Pilgrim's Progress, has a grim job for her new star reporter Austin Baer. Off he jets to the Riviera to profile another writer: the aged Gregory McClintock, half a century ago the devoted observer of actors, dancers, musicians, and artists who now live in legend.

With his forgotten essays about to appear as a book, the reclusive old-timer stands to break out as something of a legend in his own right. Baer arrives with plenty of attitude, and McClintock receives him with justifiable suspicion. Their fencing soon escalates into an all-out clash of cultures, lit up with unexpected flashes of mutual illumination as the past starts bleeding magically into the present.

"A bejeweled dandy of a novel."
— John Guare, award-winning playwright of The House of Blue Leaves and Six Degrees of Separation

"A charming book."
— Manuela Hoelterhoff, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Cinderella & Company

"It made me laugh and cry for all the right reasons."
— Beverly Sills, chairman of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"I loved this book"
— Broadway legend Barbara Cook

"Like the artists he observes so often...Matthew Gurewitsch shows that he, too, can paint vivid portraits."
— Philippe de Montebello

— Joan Acocella, staff writer at The New Yorker

"A compellingly enjoyable read...very moving."
— Mark Lamos, director

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